A Great Way to Conquer Back Pain – Back Care and Core Workshops at Elite

A new addition to our varied program of classes at Elite this year are our ‘Back Care and Core’ workshops which will be with the fabulous Seb Johnson who many of you will know from his great work in our clinic!

Seb Johnson

Seb Johnson

So many people come through our doors with some form of back pain or a back problem and quite often, weak muscles from a poor posture or desk/driving jobs can be the culprit.  However we can offer you some guidance and help on the best exercises to help you strengthen your back and core muscles and keep that aggrevating back pain at bay.

Pain experienced in the lower back

Pain experienced in the lower back

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page @EliteTherapyCov or just drop us a line at the clinic to find out about dates and availability.

Monday 6th August at 11.15am – FULL

Thursday 13th September at 4.30pm – 1 place available


Seb will explain more about the purpose of the class:


‘With the ever increasing amount of equipment and exercises all designed to build a strong core or a ‘six pack’, it’s surprising how many of us who still do not know how or why we need to exercise and strengthen our back, glutes and abdominal muscles, or as they are more commonly known, our ‘core’.

Core muscles will tend to weaken with age, meaning we need to exercise them specifically whilst expending as little energy as possible.

A strong core will help prevent lower back pain and more specifically, soft tissue injuries and muscles trains linked to poor posture or overworked muscles.

The back care and core class will involve exercises designed to strengthen the abdominals, lower back and glutes.  The exercises used will be a combination of isometric (static) and isotonic (dynamic) movements.

The class will be suitable for anyone experiencing back pain, whether its been going on for a while or something that’s just started to hamper your enjoyment of life, and we’ll make it fun and easy to do as well!’


If you are interested in taking part in one of these sessions with Seb, please get in touch through the usual channels to book yourself in.  Cost is £10 per person and payment in advance is required.