COVID-19 – How We Are Helping Protect Your Health

With the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak in the UK, the Governments response and measures are continually changing and please be assured that we are working hard to ensure that both our clients and our staff have the best possible protection in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

We have introduced additional hygiene protocols on top of our already high standards of cleanliness within the clinic including:

  • All staff and clients are asked to wash their hands on entering the clinic.
  • All staff are asked to wash their hands regularly.  All therapists wash their hands immediately after completing a patients treatment as a matter of course.
  • Sanitising wipes and tissues are available on reception and in the studio.
  • All surfaces that are regularly touched are disinfected regularly throughout the day. This includes pens available on reception.
  • All staff are encouraged to disinfect phones, tablets etc. regularly.
  • All staff are fully aware of the main symptoms of COVID-19 and are aware that they should not attend for work and self isolate in accordance with the current Government guidelines.

Any client having to cancel their appointment of their class will be treated sympathetically.

All of the measures we have implemented are in accordance with the current Government guidance, we realise that there is a lot of ‘fake news’ around and we will only respond to official advice to ensure our own and your own safety when attending the clinic.

How we operate as a business may have to change and adapt as guidance changes so please bear with us if this becomes the case, but please be assured we will be working hard to ensure minimal disruption to the great service that you receive.

If you have any questions at all about attending for your physiotherapy appointment or class, please do not hesitate to get in touch.