Keep that rotator cuff rotating with these simple exercises

The rotator cuff is a combination of four muscles and associated tendons that connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade. It’s particularly important as it both stablises the joint and allows the shoulder to rotate and lift.

Damage to the rotator cuff can lead to considerable pain. Typically, this pain is experienced as radiating from the front of the shoulder down the side of the arm which may be exacerbated by lifting or reaching above the head. Sleeping on the affected side may cause discomfort and routine tasks such as brushing your hair may become more difficult.

So what causes rotator cuff problems? There are a number of common causes, which include:

  • Age – tears are most common in people over the age of 40
  • Sports – particularly those with repetitive arm motions, such as racquet sports and archery
  • Occupations – any occupation that involves repetitive arm motions, especially above the head. These include construction work and hairdressing.
  • Family history – unfortunately for some there appears to be genetic component with some families commonly suffering rotator cuff problems.
  • Injury – usually a fall, which may be accompanied by a snapping sensation, acute pain and a feeling of weakness in the arm.

Physiotherapy can help reduce the need for surgery on rotator cuff tears. In this short video, Joel demonstrates some simple exercises to improve the stability and mobility of this vital area.

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