Yoga - meditation phase in our studio here at Elite Therapy

New Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation Workshops with DR Lesley Powell

New to Elite Therapy:  Yoga, Relaxation, and Meditation Workshops with Lesley

The fabulous Lesley Powell is offering a unique series of workshops here at Elite Therapy, both organised and bespoke and these are open to everyone from absolute beginners to advanced.  You don’t need to be super supple or mobile either as Lesley will help you to improve at your own pace.


As Lesley explains, the topics covered and also about her new Chair Yoga workshop which was a great success!

Dr Lesley Powell

Dr Lesley Powell

Workshop topics will cover:

Women’s Health including menopause, pregnancy, fertility and more;

Low Back Pain;

Osteoporosis and other conditions;

Ayurveda yoga

Beginners and the inflexible!

Senior citizens and more…….

Workshops can be bespoke to the needs of those attending and all workshops are small in numbers i.e. five people maximum, allowing Lesley to provide a more intimate and personal experience of yoga.  The workshops will be on either Saturday or Tuesday afternoons 1-3pm and will vary slightly in cost; approximate cost is £20-30 per person.

The next workshop will be Women’s Health with emphasis on the menopause; details to follow soon.

Chair Yoga

Lesley ran the first successful Chair Yoga Workshop in April.  You may be wondering what chair yoga is and what the benefits are? Well simply, the chair replaces the yoga mat to become an extension of the body allowing the practitioner to experience the many health benefits of yoga.

In particular, chair yoga is great for total beginners to yoga, those who consider themselves to be inflexible and wish to improve their level of suppleness and movement, and those who may experience a health condition that limits their mobility, and those who sit at a desk or drive for long periods, to name a few.  However, yoga can be good for anyone, even those with lots of yoga experience, as well as being fun to do.

What about the benefits of chair yoga?  Numerous, the benefits are no different to the benefits of yoga on the mat.  Just some examples of the benefits are:

Improved strength

Improved suppleness and range of movement

Improved coordination of movement

Improved posture

Reduced stress and enhanced mental clarity

Reduce pain and improved pain management

Increase the ability to relax

Socialise – meet similar others

Includes breath work and relaxation

Can be less intimidating if new to yoga or unable to participate in a regular yoga class

If you are interested in attending a Chair Yoga Workshop or any of the forthcoming Workshops with Lesley advertised via Elite Therapy, then please do get in touch and state the preferred day and particular theme of a workshop you would be interested in.  Or alternatively contact Lesley directly via for further information.

Look forward to sharing yoga with you! J

Om shanty


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