Our Latest COVID-19 Update – We Are Open!

Following guidelines from our governing bodies, we are now open for physiotherapy and massage treatments. We will update you on our Pilates and Yoga classes soon.

We wanted to reassure you all that we have been working hard behind the scenes for the last few weeks to make sure we have all the measures in place to ensure our staff and patients safety. It may mean things maybe a little different for a while and we appreciate your patience and understanding while we all adapt to this.

A Summary of changes

• You will be called 24 hours before your appointment to go through a COVID-19 screening. This will include a series of questions ensuring you are not suffering from any symptoms. You will be screened again when you arrive at your appointment.
• We do ask if you have been feeling unwell please do not turn up for your appointment and inform us immediately to cancel. You will NOT be charged a cancellation fee
• Please arrive no more than 5 MINS before your appointment time. You may be asked to wait outside until your therapist is ready, this will prevent any congestion in the reception area
• You will be asked to wash your hands when you enter the clinic and we advise you do the same as you leave. We have hand washing facilities downstairs of the clinic and there is hand sanitiser for your use around the clinic, however, you must actually wash your hands first.
• If you choose to wear gloves, we ask that you remove these as you enter the clinic. You will be asked to wash your hands and put on a new pair of gloves. This will prevent cross contamination from outside.
• All therapists will be wearing appropriate PPE which includes a mask and an apron. If you choose to wear a mask, we ask if you could bring one with you. We will have limited available so we can’t always guarantee we will have spare one for patient use. Any concerns please discuss this with your therapist prior to your visit and will we be happy to advise
• After each appointment, the room will be cleaned down thoroughly. Which includes wiping down surfaces, the couch and any door handles. Due to this there will be a gap of 30 mins between each appointment
• Where possible we will ask if you can pay for your appointment online or with contactless payment. We will still be accepting cash, but we ask where possible if you could make an online or card payment this is much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you safely soon.
The Elite Therapy Team