Joint Search for a Star 2017 Winner Megan Taylor with her Mum, Lisa

Search for a Star 2017 Winner – Megan Taylor

Earlier in 2017, we set out to find two local amateur athletes to sponsor for 12 months and also, follow their journey through training, competitions and life in general, the good bits and the bad bits!

Well, we couldn’t make a decision when faced with three amazing but very different athletes so we offered contracts to all three!

Megan was a really strong contender from the start.  She gave us confidence with a really mature and comprehensive application and had a great reference in another Elite client and outstanding coach, Chris Hazell.  She is quiet but has great talent and superb focus and is doing incredibly well in her races this season.  I’ll let Megan tell you more about herself…

Megan Taylor – Middle Distance Runner


Megan Taylor with Her Mum, Lisa

About Me

My name is Megan Taylor. I am 15 years old and I live in Coventry. In my free time, my main passion is running. I currently compete at a good national standard and run for Birchfield Harriers athletics club. I started running aged 8 when I ran my first race in the Coventry Primary Schools. Initially I started training with a sprinting group, but once I reached senior school I realised that I preferred running longer distances. I joined Coventry Godiva athletics club and started to compete. I have won several competitions over the past few years including county championships in athletics and cross country, and have represented West Midlands at the English Schools Championship in the 1500m and Cross Country. I have run in the Children’s International Games over 800m in the Netherlands and Taiwan which was a fantastic experience, mixing with and competing against athletes from countries around the world.

Applying for the Search For A Star competition put me outside my comfort zone, having to promote myself through the application, interview and assessment process, but I found it to be a great experience, which has given me confidence that I will use in school and later in life. I am really looking forward to working with Elite Therapy over the next year and feel that I will benefit from their expert support and advice to compliment my training.


I love running, whether its training or competition. I think exercise is very important for you physical and mental well-being and helps you to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, as well as improving your health. I am very competitive and I enjoy participating and trying to achieve a victory or a personal best time, but more than that I enjoy feeling fit and healthy and the benefit of the social aspects of being involved in sport and exercise. I have had a lot of good experiences and have made a lot of friends because of running which is why I am so passionate about the sport.


I train with my Coach, Chris Hazell, and my training group several times a week and I work hard in every training session to make sure I get the maximum benefit from all the hard work that we put into it. I am very grateful for the support that I get from my coach and he gives me lots of advice and guidance that I am happy to learn from. I typically train 6 days a week with a combination of interval sessions, longer runs, recovery runs, strength and conditioning work and swimming.

My ultimate ambition is to represent England or Great Britain in competition.  I know I have a long way to go but I also know that I am very committed and I am happy to work hard to give myself the best chance possible…

If you feel inspired by Megan and fancy giving running a try for fun and fitness or if you have more serious ambitions, you can find out more about training and competitions at Coventry Godiva Harriers Athletics Club here: