Knowing what to expect from your first massage therapy session will ease any anxieties you may have.

Before your sessions begins,  the therapist  will take a detailed medical history.  Knowing your history allows a therapist to determine if there are any reasons you should avoid massage or a particular technique. The therapist will ask you a series of questions to better design a session that meets your needs and goals.

Our therapists use a light oil or lotion to allow your muscles to be massaged without causing excessive friction to the skin. Communication is very important during a massage therapy session; so at any time you feel the pressure is too deep or even too light, please let the therapist know. The therapist will also check with a client throughout their session to make sure they are comfortable.

You may  feel a little sore and tired afterwards, this is perfectly normal.  It may feel similar to when you have worked out at the gym and should not last more than 24 hours.

Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during a massage, it is recommended you drink plenty of water following your massage.

Sessions can be booked for either 30 mins or an hour depending on your needs. When booking the therapist will advise which will be best for you.

Types of Massage Therapy offered at our clinic include:

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage considers the person as a ‘whole’ and is one of the oldest and simplest forms of medical treatment. Based on the Swedish form of massage, it uses therapeutic pressures to manipulate and relax muscles and other soft tissues.

Aids: circulation, general aches and pains, tension, anxiety, sleep, relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is commonly used to help those with active lifestyles or who suffer from repetitive strains, but is suitable for everyone. It is more orientated towards therapeutic treatment than pure relaxation, focusing on areas of muscular tension.

Aids: Deep rooted tension, localised trigger points, long termed conditions

Sports Massage or Sports Injury Massage

A sports massage is aimed at improving circulation, eliminating the build up of lactic acids and preventing accumulated muscle tightness from training or repetitive strains at work. It is beneficial for people who have active lifestyles and are looking to maintain an active lifestyle, while reducing future injury.

Aids: Muscle recovery, injury prevention, muscle tension.