We’ve tweeted and posted on facebook before about the importance of wearing a correctly fitted bra as a poorly fitted one can have some quite nasty knock on effects to your posture and also cause you pain.


Gill Orton from our fave shop, Butterfly Bras in Coventry City Centre has very kindly put this advice together to share with us:


The Importance of Wearing the Correct Bra Size


You’ve probably heard it said before, but a correct fitting bra really can change your life !

Many women assume they know their correct bra size and continue to invest in that size for many years.  However, experts say that it is highly likely that the majority of us are wearing the wrong size.  Usually the back size is too large and the cup size too small.  Quite often women wear the wrong size because they are not sure what a good fitting bra should look and feel like.  Once they do they will in future know whether a bra is fitting them within seconds.

It is also worth noting that one style of bra may be perfect for one woman and totally wrong for another even if they are the same size.  Different styles should be tried to find the most suitable one.


Wearing the correct size bra :-

  • Will lift the bust
  • By lifting the bust it will reveal the waistline giving a slimmer appearance
  • A smooth silhouette under clothing
  • Create better posture
  • Give a woman more confidence
  • Comfort
  • Support


The Perfect Fit :-

  • The underband is firm but not uncomfortable. 80% of support is from the band.
  • The breasts are totally encased within the wire, which should be flat against the body
  • There is no bulging at the underarm or neck edge
  • The straps are comfortable
  • There is no wrinkling on the cups or overspill
  • The arms are lifted and the bra stays in place !


Troubleshooting :-

  • If the underband is riding up the back the size is too big
  • If the underband is on the loosest setting and is uncomfortably tight then the back size is too small
  • If the straps are digging into the shoulders they are supporting too much weight of the breasts so the underband may not be giving enough support. Try a smaller back size
  • If the cups are wrinkling the cup size is too big
  • If the wires stand away from the body at the centre front and dig into the underarm try a larger cup size
  • If the bust is bulging over the cups at the neck edge/underarm then a larger cup size is needed
  • If the cups lift away when the arms are lifted then either smaller back size and/or a larger cup size is needed


Changes in Bra Sizes :-

  • When you lose or gain weight – anything over/under 7lbs
  • If your body changes shape, even if your weight stays the same your proportions can change
  • During your monthly cycle – it is possible to gain a whole cup size and you might need a different bra for those days when your breasts are tender
  • When you are pregnant and beyond
  • As you lose muscle tone and elasticity in your skin – as you age for example or when you stop breastfeeding. You may need to try a different bra style
  • Medication – any hormonal medication can have an effect on bra size
  • If your bras are getting old and uncomfortable – they may be at the end of their life
  • Even if none of the above applies a bra fitting is recommended at least every 12 months


And finally –

In this instance size doesn’t matter, its what fits that really counts.

The tape measure calculation is an imprecise art and should only be used as a guide.

Trial and error is your friend, not only of sizes but brands, styles, shapes etc.  The only way to know is to try it on.

It is the bra fitters mission to help women find a bra that fits them perfectly.  We want you to feel supported, comfortable and look good !



Gill Orton

Butterfly Bras

March ’17


Butterfly Bras are based at 190 Spon Street, Coventry CV1 3BB or see their website at www.butterflybras.co.uk and facebook too!