Hamstring pain when running?

Runners will often complain of hamstring pain when putting in the miles. Unfortunately, hamstring pain isn’t a particularly straightforward problem. Pain in this area during loading, like in a sport such as running, can be down to a whole host of reasons. In more occasions than not the pain can be directly related to the way that they run.

An obvious choice when getting hamstring pain is to do a hamstring stretch as below:

hamstring stretch



But, if stretching the hamstring out does not reduce your pain there are two other options. The first is to concentrate on placing the pelvis into a neutral position. This will reduce the stress on the hamstrings and the lower back:

hip muscles

Secondly, a sciatic nerve glide may prove beneficial. This exercise will hopefully allow the nerve to glide more easily and may reduce the pain into the hamstring area:

hamstring exercise


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