Reduce Your Back Pain: Pelvic Control

Most people in the UK have experienced some form of back pain. In most cases people can reduce or control back pain by making simple changes to their posture. Due to anatomical pressures and gravity, people regularly maintain what is called an anterior tilted pelvis. Effectively, if you arch your lower back and stick your bum out this would be an exaggerated anterior tilt.

Accomplishing our daily activities in an anterior tilted position increases the pressure on the lower back and over time can lead to pain in the lower back.


Therefore by repositioning the pelvis we can immediately decrease the pressure on the lower back with the hope that this will relieve day to day pain experiences. In the following video, one of our senior physiotherapists, Joel Poirier, explains how to perform an exercise called the pelvic tilt with the aim of being able to reposition the pelvis.

The next video describes how to reposition the pelvis in day to day activities such as standing and walking:

For those of you whom are experiencing low level back pain and are looking to increase your core strength, the following video explains two core stability exercises that will improve posture in your daily activities:


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