Search for a Star 2017 – A Big Thank You!

Back in Spring last year (when it was rainy and wet and cold and we were wishing some really warm, sunny weather…) we went out to the community to find two budding athletes, they didn’t have to be young but had to embody the attributes of a good athlete, had to be amateur status, local and show inspiration and be good role models to their peers and younger athletes.
         We wanted two athletes, we got three!!!
        All three were awarded 12 month contracts with us to support them with their sports therapy and sports         massage to help them develop as athletes and meet their goals and targets.
Sadly, like all good things, the contracts are now at an end and we want to say a huge thank you to our winners and well done for all their achievements and to wish them the very best of luck going forward with their chosen sports.
Gurinder Singh
Gurinder Singh didn’t quite get to his ideal goal which was to complete a cycle tour of the USA as injury and family commitments came first but he did achieve a remarkable feat of cycling from Coventry to Spain.  Not easy at the best of times but considering he was really suffering with knee and leg pain at the time and was totally unaided and unsupported and was often camping out in the open or bedding down with some interesting characters in hostels!
Gurinder Singh

Gurinder Singh

A full commentary on his tour can be found at these links:
From Gurinder himself:
‘It has been a great experience to be part of the Sponsorship group for the last 12 months and enjoying 2 cycle tour blogs with your team. I will continue to support and highlight Elites amazing group to all others in my future travels and conversations.
I have learned that Sponsorships help build on a existing professional relationship and make one become more aware of the ethos and values of Elite Therapy.
Again thanks for all the support
Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor is an extremely talented young middle distance runner and has won more than  we care to mention at junior national level and had just started making her mark on seniors too.  Despite a great season last year, Megan suffered a nagging foot injury which, despite her attempts to come back to training, eventually required a total rest from running but has been using water based exercise to help maintain her fitness without further stressing her injury and has recently started training again and we wish her every success in her return to competition.
Joint Search for a Star 2017 Winner Megan Taylor with her Mum, Lisa

Joint Search for a Star 2017 Winner Megan Taylor with her Mum, Lisa

This is one incredibly talented (but quiet!) lady so keep your eyes peeled for her in the future!
It’s been a real pleasure to be able to support two such different but inspirational athletes, both with very different goals and at different stages of life and we wanted to thank you both for all of your contributions and efforts over the past year.
It’s been a great learning curve and such a positive experience in firstly, setting up Search for a Star, the selection process and then following the athletes throughout the year.  Unfortunately, sport being sport and athletes being muscles and bones, injury is sadly one of the risks of training the body to be its very best but seeing how all of our athletes have handled this with positivity, reviewing their training plans so that they return to fitness as soon as is sensible and safe is something we can all learn from.
Thank you again and we want to wish you both the very best of luck with your sport and life in general going forward!
Nic, Fiona, Seb, Jack and everyone at Elite Therapy.