Gurinder - All Set and Ready to Go

Search for a Star – Gurinder Singh European Tour – Update 3!

Its 27th May and our man is still pushing on to his target of reaching Barcelona…


May 27th – I began late today, having taken care of my legs and wounds first! I’ve got concerns about my left knee which I’ll get checked out in Barcelona but I’ve got to get there first!

I’m grateful that the hotel had ice which has made a huge difference. I watched the football last night but was the sole British fan amongst all the Spanish!

Relaxing and watching the footy!

Relaxing and watching the footy!


I’m taking a slightly longer route than I’d planned initially because of the amount of twists and turns – this will mean 115 miles to cover in two days and so far I’ve done 10…


May 28th – Yesterday was a mixed day, I cycled well for the first 25 miles then the heat came and drained me of every ounce of energy. I walked part of the way but supplies were getting low. I had managed to find a small town on the road, the people were lovely and I ate and drank whatever I could. I met a fabulous bloke called Victor though, despite being quite drunk, s;poke good English and gave me a history lesson on Spain!  By 6.30pm, despite my fascinating chat with Victor, I had to hit the road again which was thankfully almost all down hill and I covered another 15 miles.

Food, survival kit and painkillers

Food, survival kit and painkillers

Towards the end of the day the sun had set and I decided to walk while listening to Neil Diamond and Pink Flloyd which was relaxing and peaceful until it was interrupted by the odd AC/DC track.  The views reminded me of when I climbed the volcanos in Panama with small towns lit up in the distance. The downhill ride was worth it, 35 mph down a mountain, guided by the city lights.

I managed to find a nice hotel and am resting now, ready for the next 60 miles or so to Barcelona.


May 29th – I’ve had challenges but no total disasters for a while so something was bound to happen soon. Having had a minor disaster while kitting my bike up this morning, I’ve managed to twist the front brakes but they worked well enough.

By midday, I’m close to the sea, I’ve broken my best personal touring record and just found out that Sky Blues have got promotion! Fantastic!  But after this a van was right up the back of me and forced me off the road, emergency brakes time…

Front brakes, exploded!

Front brakes, exploded!

I was okay but the front brakes had totally exploded everywhere due to the stress.  I was able to continue but with just one set of working brakes.

Arriving at the coast was a fantastic feeling and took the coastal road to Barcelona from the south which had great views and hill drops.

Catalan Hills Coast to Coast coastal road 2 coastal road


When I arrived I had almost no battery on my phone and had to visualise the map and ride from memory. I asked for help at a petrol station but was turned away and same thing at a sports centre. The Romanian bouncer guy was right, if you can’t speak the language it makes life very difficult! I continued for 5 miles on small roads, big roads and streets and made it with 1% left on my battery!

And Closer...

623.13 miles cycled and I’m finally here in Barcelona!

May 30th – yesterday was my first day of rest and spent trying to sort out some money and trying to get treatment at local hospitals. The first turned me away, the second  put me through about 3 hours of red tape and form filling before I had the worse knee examination of my life. The answer…take painkillers and see a GP when you get back to the UK. Thanks!  I’ve been recommended to another hospital and just waiting an appointment.

I had a lovely walk around Gracia and had a tour of the bars and bohemic squares. There is a very strong latin culture and lots of dancing, singing and art.

Bohemic Square


May 31st – I had more luck with the medical services and X-ray showed no concerns but possible ligament strain and cartilage issues and stated 2 weeks rest. In the afternoon I went for a very nice walk around the poshest parts of Garcia and all the very expensive shops.


June 1st -So far I’ve met up with friends in Barcelona and Gerona and by a billion to one chance, met up with Guillam on the train who I’d originally met in Wales a few years ago. There’s a massive party in Gerona so I’ll go and take a look…

Gerona Town

Gerona Town


It’s difficult to rest properly in Barcelona as there’s so much to see and do!


My next step will be riding 30 miles a day to France but it’s 50/50 at the moment if my knees and legs can hold out so I’ll just continue with the resting and partying!


Below L to R: Champions League Stadium Tour, Gerona Town, Left Wing Political rally, The Good Hospital!

Camp Nou Stadium Tour Champions League Trophies Gerona Town 3 Left Wing Independence Party in Gerona The Good Hospital in the hills