Emma Harris - Elite Therapy Sponsored Athlete

Search for a Star Update – Emma Harris

Our fabulous gymnast/tumbler/acrobat/all-round tigger type, Emma Harris has had an outstanding 2017 nad here’s an update on her training and plans for 2018…


Emma Harris - Joint Winner of Elite Therapy Search for a Star 2017

Emma Harris – Joint Winner of Elite Therapy Search for a Star 2017

Before Christmas synergy’s annual display got cancelled on the Sunday which was moved to Sunday 14th January, the one before Christmas went very well and we were all incredibly happy with the outcome.

We finished choreography at cheerleading and I have my new routine which was very exciting as it’s so different from my gymnastics routines which will be chronographed in February half term.

Emma - (Left)

Emma – (Left)

I have many mocks coming up the week before February half term and many gymnastics training camps that I can help coach and attend too.


We managed to fundraise £770 over the past few months with cheerleading through bag packs and cake sales.

On the annual display before I performed I managed to drop a wooden handstand block on my left big toe, it instantly turned black but as we were called to go up and performed I had to man up and go out which turned out to be  actually one of our best performances!! Once I had completed all 7 of my routines I went to hospital as the swelling was really bad where I waited for hours to be told it was broken☹️ I’m currently in a boot like shoe cast on crutches and can’t compete in my first ever cheerleading competition in 2 weeks and probably none of the ones coming up in February. I’m absolutely gutted I’m out for 4-6 weeks but at least I can coach and fill in my log book as my level 1 coaching exam is coming up soon!!!

Elite Star Emma Harris (right) with her team mates

Elite Star Emma Harris (right) with her team mates

Hoping you all had a lovely Christmas and break, Emma.

We want to wish Emma a very speedy recovery and we have no doubt as a super fit, talented and strong athlete that she will be back on form in no time! We’ll obviously be supporting Emma in her recovery so hopefully we’ll have some good news for you all soon.

Emma trains at Synergy Gymnastics in Coventry and is also part of the Coventry Dynamite Cheerleaders Team.  If you would like to know more about taking up gymnastics or cheerleading, here’s the links to their websites:-