Emma Harris - Elite Therapy Sponsored Athlete

Search for a Star Winner 2017 – Emma Harris

Earlier this year, we set out to find two local amateur athletes (as you have gathered by now, we ended up with three athletes!) that we could offer the opportunity to have a 12 month sponsorship with ourselves and share with us their journey through training, competition and life in general!

While we wanted talented, motivated individuals, we also wanted athletes with great values and that put something back in to their sport and encourage people of all ages to get active and fit – this would be our ultimate brand ambassador.

Emma fitted our requirements brilliantly and with a very strong recommendation from Jaedean Chambers at Synergy Gymnastics we felt we had to meet Emma and we were amazed! Incredibly focussed and mature and as well as being an amazing acrobat, she has a genuine talent for helping youngsters and developing their talent, confidence and trust.  I’ll let Emma tell you more about how she got into acrobatics!

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Emma Harris at the Synergy Gymnastics Open Day – August 2017

I started at Synergy gymnastics at 5 years old and was an incredibly energetic toddler flinging myself off anything possible. I soon found a route to express such energy into tumbling. Tumbling requires a great amount of power and strength to constantly flip down a narrow track.

It soon became competitive as soon as I was 8 and went to regional competitions in West Midlands. I moved to a different gym club that was more focused on tumbling to really succeed. I trained most days and took part in national events being presented as West Midlands myself.


After multiple injuries and decrease in energy and motivation I felt I needed a change so moved back to Synergy and competitively took part in acro which helped me gain motivation from my partners and created friendships, where we supported each other through the journey. Acro is difficult to find a perfect partner, especially with my tiny height I have to find a tiny partner within the age limit.


Since I’ve been at Synergy I have completed in the regional finals at Cannock and placed 8th out of 17. Me and my partner had been together for just over 2 weeks and I had created our routine myself in such restricted time. Now I am in a trio and are hoping to compete in November. I believe this partnership will be very successful and will achieve great things, I am hoping to see the nationals if we win the regional finals in February, we all work very hard and want to achieve such amazing things and take every opportunity possible.

If you feel inspired by Emma to give gymnastics at try, you’ll find Synergy Gymnastics in Coventry a very friendly and well equipped club with great coaches.  You can find out more at the link below or pick up a leaflet if you’re in the clinic. All Synergy members get a 10% discount on all treatments at Elite Therapy!


Since writing this blog in July 2017, Emma has an update on her training:

After a weeks relaxing holiday I am back in the gym working hard. Even

though one of my partners is away on holiday me and Zuzana are working hard

on individual elements. I tried out for Coventry Dynamites and manage to get

in to Lady Grenades which is a level 5 worlds champion team. I will be

having my first training session a week today! Many Synergy sports events

coming up in the next couple of weeks!!!