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June 21

Support Brace Fitting Services

What to Expect at Your Local Fitting Centre

Did you know Elite Therapy Coventry is an official Support Brace Consultation and Fitting Centre in the Midlands area?

Elite specialise in support brace consultations and fittings. We order an extensive range of braces for various injuries and conditions, such as knee pain, ankle sprains, upper limb injuries, and back supports.

Our therapists can now offer our customers the best possible advice on what brace will be suitable for your injury and needs.
You don’t need to be receiving treatment at the clinic to use this service. The therapist will assess the injury at the fitting session.

Selecting the right size knee support is crucial for effective healing and rehabilitation.
A brace that’s too loose may not provide adequate support, while one that’s too tight might restrict movement and circulation.

Image of a Knee Support Brace Consultation and Fitting

What happens during a Support Brace Consultation?

Our Consultation sessions last around 30 mins.

The therapist will assess the injury, takes measurements, and can then advise on what brace would be most suitable taking into consideration your needs and budget.

We are able to order the brace for you and help fit the brace when it arrives and most have a 30 day return policy if the brace is not right for you.

Fitting Your Support Brace

Once the selected brace has arrived, the specialist will ensure it fits well.
Even with the correct measurements, the comfort and fit of the brace may vary based on its design. The goal is to find a brace that provides a snug fit without being uncomfortable or restrictive.

Your brace should do the following

  • •Feel snug but not uncomfortable
  • •Not pinch or cause pain
  • •Stay in place during movement.

The therapist will demonstrate how to put it on and take it off correctly and provide instructions on how to wear it, including the duration and specific activities to avoid.

Image of a Knee Support Brace Consultation and Fitting


At Elite Therapy, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible support for your injury through our professional Support Brace Consultation and Fitting

Book a Support Brace Consultation and Fitting with us today and take the first step towards effective healing and rehabilitation.
Our team is here to help you every step of the way, offering support and guidance tailored to your needs.

Ready to get started?
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