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June 28

Knee Brace Advice – The Best Fit For Your Needs

Are you struggling with a re-occurring knee pain that is affecting your day to day? A Knee brace can help to ease discomfort and pain associated with various conditions or previous injury. However searching the brace market and considering the vast amount of choices and variations can leave you overwhelmed. You must consider correct sizing […]

July 24

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment – What to Expect

We have spoken about what happens at a brace fitting appointment recently on our blog, but what happens at an initial assessment appointment? An Initial Physiotherapy Assessment can feel daunting, but knowing what to expect can help ease any anxiety. At Elite Therapy, we aim to make your experience as smooth and beneficial as possible. […]

June 21

Support Brace Fitting Services

What to Expect at Your Local Fitting Centre Did you know Elite Therapy Coventry is an official Support Brace Consultation and Fitting Centre in the Midlands area? Elite specialise in support brace consultations and fittings. We order an extensive range of braces for various injuries and conditions, such as knee pain, ankle sprains, upper limb injuries, and back […]

May 13

Your Guide to Navigating Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Welcome to our first Elite blog of 2024! Today we will be answering the most commonly asked questions regarding a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) We will also be discussing some effective physiotherapy strategies we use to assist patients on their road to recovery following TKR surgery. Undergoing surgery is a daunting experience for most and […]

January 19

The CranioCradle – A Therapy Gadget Worth Getting?

We’re not usually huge fans of therapy gadgets as they tend to be a bit faddy and then they end up chucked at the back of the cupboard, however, our clinic manager, Fiona, has been trying out the CranioCradle.  This claims to help promote relaxation and to even send you off to dozyland and can […]

November 13

Safety Concerns Regarding CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness or lifestyle program that is gaining popularity in the UK. It works on the basis of setting a different fitness challenge each day to test various aspects of fitness.  As with every sport or activity, injury can happen, particularly when participants are following a program online or in a large group […]

November 13

Misconceptions About Lactic Acid (or Lactate)

We all know that feeling after a hard workout or if we haven’t done any exercise for a while where the muscles become tight and really sore. There’s an endless supply of information that would tell you that this feeling is caused by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles, hence most people believe […]

November 13

Working As a Student at Elite Therapy

A few months ago, we introduced our new student, John Balshaw to you.  You’ll meet John at the clinic usually on Tuesdays and sometimes later in the week too and he’s very much part of our team now! For any aspiring Sports Therapists out there, John has given this great insight as to what his […]

October 18

Warming Up in The Cold

We’re looking at ways you can stay active without getting wet and cold but what about if you don’t have much choice or if you’re one of those who doesn’t mind exercising in the wet and cold? Well, the best piece of advice we can give you to stay injury free is to warm up […]

September 20

How to Dress for Winter Activity

We now have a wonderful array of clothing choices available to us to allow us to train with comfort in the winter months and keep warm without losing movement and without having a major melt down! However, knowing how to put what layer where, how many layers and what materials can be a minefield but […]

September 20

Feet First – A Quick Guide to Flat Feet (Fallen Arches)

Feet are often overlooked and somewhat taken for granted in our daily lives until they start causing pain.  One cause of pain may be so called ‘flat feet’ or fallen arches which sometimes can be painful, though sometimes not!  John Balshaw offers some advice if you think you have flat feet: Flat feet, fallen arches […]

September 20

Osgood Schlatters Disease – What You Need to Know

If you have a child that’s diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters Disease, do you know what it is, what causes it and what you should do about it? Our Coventry Uni Sports Therapy student, John Balshaw explains the facts that you need to know: Osgood Schlatters Disease affects mostly teenage/adolescent children, more commonly boys and is […]

August 2

Anyone for Cricket? Fitness and Common Injuries In Cricketers

The game of cricket has changed so much in the past twenty years, with the introduction of One Day and Twenty20 as well as test matches, the game has never been so popular. It was once considered a game where fitness was never really that important, technical skills were enough, however, the Aussies soon changed […]

June 24

When Bigger Is Not Better – The Health Issues Associated With Big Breasts

We all, whether we like it or not, live in an age where the image of the human form, both male and female, is greatly distorted and there is great pressure to have a ‘perfect’ body, whatever that means or is. Is it fair to say that this pressure has been prevalent for females for […]

May 1

The Menopause and How Physiotherapy Can Help

There’s been a great deal of coverage in the press recently about the menopause to help raise awareness of what women may be experiencing during this phase of their life.  The BBC ran a whole series of daily features on the subject to help raise understanding of partners, family members and employers about the symptoms […]

May 1

The Pushing, Pulling and Shoving of Daily Life – Look After Your Core

For so many of us, we take movement for-granted, we don’t think too much about lifting, pushing, pulling in whatever it is we’re doing, be it at home or in the workplace.  But how often do we see someone in the clinic with bad back or neck pain that occured after doing something really simple […]

May 1

Housework and Gardening – Avoiding Injuries!

Extreme Spring Cleaning Injuries Explained… Extreme spring cleaning…? What am I on about and why am I writing about it? Well, it’s that time of year isn’t it?  A bit of nice weather (and it was only a bit) but it’s enough to get us top to toeing the house, chucking stuff out, sorting out […]

March 1

A Quick Guide to Neck Pain

We’re seeing a lot of stiff and sore necks at the moment so lets take a quick look at causes and what can be done to help… Constant use of smartphones and tablets and ‘mobile’ technology also has an impact on posture and pain. Put it down! A painful neck can be anything from sore […]