One to One Pilates for Rehabilitation with Megan Saunders, Physiotherapist

We are always sharing the many benefits of Pilates, it’s just a great form of exercise for everyone from super duper athletes to seniors, teenagers and everyone else in the middle!

A yoga class for over sixties

It’s fab because it focuses on strengthening the very deep pelvic muscles to help increase core strength while also improving suppleness, mobility, co-ordination and breathing and you leave the class feeling so much better than when you went in!

In my opinion, the other thing is, it doesn’t involve sweating!! But it can be challenging but Pilates is also so fab because each exercise has a real beginners level and then the instructor can guide you as to how to add bits on the make it gradually more challenging right up to an advanced level, good eh?

However, we realise that some people who have experienced illness or injury who would really benefit from taking up Pilates may not be ready to join a class, maybe because they aren’t ready for a one hour class or need to hands on, one to one guidance from a really experienced hand.

Step forward our fabulous Megan Saunders!  Many of you might know Megan from the clinic as she is a physiotherapist as well as a great Pilates instructor (take it from me, I’ve done her class, she’s great!).

You can now book a one to one session of Pilates with Megan that we can specifically tailor for you to help you get started on the road to recovery and feeling the benefits of Pilates. You get to set the pace and the level without the pressure of being in a class environment and will have a constant experienced eye to help correct you and assist you.

Sessions can be either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes – you choose what you feel you can do and progress as you wish.

Held in our studio in the clinic, we provide all of the equipment, all you need is to come suitably dressed (non-restrictive clothing and a bottle of water for hydration).

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch via the usual channels, call us for a chat, email us for a different kind of chat, facebook message us, tweet us or drop in to the clinic!

Important Note : If you are unable to get up the stairs to the studio, we can offer sessions in our downstairs rehab suite.

Package deals are available if you wish to book a course of sessions.  Booking is essential and pre-payment is required either by debit/credit card, PayPal or BACS.