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Search for a Star Winner Emma Harris Update

You will all remember that unfortunately, Emma’s year got off to a really rotten start when she dropped a box on her foot and broke it (her foot that is!).  With so much planned and so many great opportunities ahead, Emma didn’t get dispondant, but kept up her fitness to be able to take part in the Commonwealth Games handover in Birmingham and has wasted no time at all getting herself back on track and she has quite alot to update us with!  over to Emma…

Emma Harris - Joint Winner of Elite Therapy Search for a Star 2017

Emma Harris – Joint Winner of Elite Therapy Search for a Star 2017

After the Commonwealth Games handover in Birmingham, which was a very successful day, I trialed for the gymnastics display squad and Disney display squad. I am really pleased to say that I’m now captain of display squad and love the routines!

You can see the full Commonwealth Handover performance here:


I will be travelling around the UK throughout the year to perform including at the Birmingham Hippodrome in November. I will be heading over to Disneyland Paris in 2019 to perform in 3 routines including a trio. My trio has now nearly got all of our balances and routines and coming along.

The broke toe has recovered and nail has nearly come off!!! Very yucky!

Broken Foot :(

I am achieving all grades at school needed so far but progression exams are around the corner. I passed my driving theory first time the other week and have been out on the roads (very scary thought! So long as she doesn’t drive like she back flips!!Ed). I have many charity events coming up including Emily’s quiz night for her Africa trip and Synergy awards evening and fundraiser.

Emma - (Left)

Finally, I have been sent my level 1 coach certificate so now officially a coach!

Thanks, Emma




We’d all like to say that we are amazed with Emma’s achievements, though quite how she has the time to balance everything we don’t know.  A huge congratulations Emma and keep up the good work from everyone at Elite Therapy.