Cookie Policy

To track and analyse user behaviour on our website, we employ cookies. This helps us identify the most popular sections of the website, the frequency of return visits, the origins of the users, whether they are using a PC or a mobile device, and other information. We can improve users’ experience going forward by understanding how our site is being utilised. By choosing the right browser options, you can opt out of having cookies used.


  • Session Cookie

    This cookie is valid for the duration of the time you are on the site. When you exit the webpage you are browsing or quit the browser, it gets destroyed.

  • Visit Tracking Cookie

    We use these cookies to keep track of return users to the website. We take this action in order to gain insight into how users interact with the website and determine how best to enhance the services we provide.

  • Marketing Cookies

    Cookies or any other type of local storage that is used to build user profiles in order to show advertisements or monitor users on this website or across multiple websites for related marketing objectives are referred to as marketing/tracking cookies. 


Our website makes use of first-party and third-party cookies, just like the majority of online services, for a number of reasons. First-party cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information about you; they are mostly required for the website to operate properly.

In order to give you a better and more efficient user experience and speed up your further interactions with our website, third-party cookies are primarily used on our website to track how you interact with it, how well it functions, how secure our services are, and to display relevant advertisements to you.

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