Terms & Conditions

We always endeavour to provide the highest quality of healthcare, in return we ask that patients treat staff and other customers with respect, notify us if they are unable to attend appointments and make payments promptly.  Please see below for further detail

All treatment is provided by fully qualified, experienced, and insured therapists.

All services start with an initial assessment. This usually requires a 60 minute session. Within this session there will be

A discussion about your previous and current medical history

The therapist Will ask you about your current symptoms and then assess your problem area

After your assessment, your therapist will discuss their findings with you and propose a treatment plan that aims to work towards agreed realistic goals

It is possible, after your initial assessment, it is decided treatment for your condition is not possible and therefore alternative options will be suggested.

Cancellation Policy

It is Elite Therapy LTD’s policy that appointments cancelled with less than 48 hour’s notice will be charged at the full cost of the appointment. Reminder emails and/or text messages are sent as a courtesy to all our clients, however the onus is on yourself to keep a record of all of your future appointments. It is at the therapists discretion to waive the cancellation fee due to extreme circumstances (acute illness, hospital admission etc)

If you are late for a session the full amount will still need to be paid even if the full time cannot be provided. If your therapist is late for a session and cannot provide the full time you will only be charged for the time that could be provided.

Medical Insurance and Payments

We will invoice the relevant insurance provider for the cost of your treatment; however, you are still liable for the payment of our fees in full. To enable us to do this we would need you to provide us with your insurance membership details, policy number and a valid-pre-authorisation code for the proposed treatment along with your personal details including address, date of birth and contact details.

(It is important to note that, depending on your individual policy, your private medical insurance may not cover all of our fees; this could be the result of an excess payable on your policy, or that your policy may not cover certain treatments).

Please be advised that once your insurance policy allowance has been exhausted or our claim has been rejected for whatever reason, you will be liable for any balance in payment and as such will be invoiced directly to you from Elite Therapy. Please note that insurance companies do not pay for appointments that are not attended and these will need to be paid in full by the client.

We require you to be honest about any health or social conditions that may effect your symptoms or treatment, failure to do so may hinder your recovery and may be contraindicated. Please cancel your appointment if you become acutely unwell or have symptoms of a sickness bug.

During the assessment, the therapist may ask you to do certain movements to assess the injury, so we advise that for the session you bring some loose fitting clothing so you can move around freely in. If it is a lower limb injury, shorts are advised and for an upper limb injury, a vest top. The therapist may require you to remove some clothing to get to an injury, shoulder for example. Your modesty will be kept at all times. Towels can be placed on you and the therapist will leave the room when you are getting dressed/undressed

Despite best care some techniques may result is minor bruising, muscle pain or headaches. These will be communicated to you prior to each session. If you experience any expected or unexpected effects after a treatment session even if it is a delayed effect please contact your therapist immediately to discuss. Appropriate advice will be offered where possible and further sessions adjusted accordingly when indicated. If you have any concerns about a treatment you receive or an experience, you have under the care of Elite therapy please communicate these to your therapist who will try to rectify them immediately

Chaperone Policy

We require anyone under the age of 18 to have an adult accompany with them. If you feel you would like a chaperone present at your consultation, please bring someone along with you. We ask for no more than one additional person in the room.


All of the information provided to Elite Therapy will be kept confidential. Any sharing of information will be done only with your consent. Please be aware however your therapist has a legal obligation to report to appropriate services if it is felt you or someone else are vulnerable to harm. Your data will be stored according the Data Protection Act and according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation effective from 25/05/2018 (https://gdpr-info.eu/)