George Semple – Irish Dancer and Sponsored Athlete

Two years on and George is still a regular patient. As he is currently in the final preparations for his next major tournament. We decided to catch up with George and find out some more about

So George, how old were you when you started Irish dancing, and how did you get into it?

I was seven and I went to a taster class after my street dance class one day and enjoyed it so much that I left that dance school and went to another one that offered competitive Irish dancing instead.

How many lessons do you take a week?

I do four or five lessons a week, which normally last between two and four hours. I also attend workshops, have private lessons and practise at home. Sports massages from Elite are also really important.

What’s been the highlight of your dancing career so far?

When I came second at the World Championships in Boston in 2013.




Have you got any big competitions coming up soon?

In December I’m competing at the regional World Qualifying Championships and then I’m off to Montreal, Canada for the World Championships next March.

Would you like to dance professionally?

If I have the chance, yes. I’d love to be part of Riverdance.

What is the best thing about competing?

The socialising. I get to meet loads of new friends and I like the parties, especially the celebrating after a win.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not dancing, and do you play any other sports?

I enjoy running and cycling. I compete for England in cross country and I was top in the boys’ Year 7 category last year. I also play football and rugby and compete in Athletics.

How has Elite Therapy helped you?

Elite has helped me to recover from injuries much more quickly and give me advice on exercises that help me perform at my best. Their treatment loosens up my muscles before competition, which means that I dance better and get better marks.

Do you have any words of advice for other Irish dancers and athletes?

If you have an injury see someone as soon as possible – be sensible and listen to your body. Take advice from your teachers, coaches and physiotherapists. And always try to do your best: set yourself goals and push yourself to achieve them.

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