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Five essential stretches for good back health

Your pelvis is placed under strain every day as it serves as a connector and pivot between your lower and upper body. Given its location and important function, your pelvis needs to be both stable and flexible to maintain good back health. For the best hip, pelvic, and lower back…

The squat simplified

The squat is a well-known movement that is utilized in many gym sessions and fitness classes. One reason for its popularity is that it uses almost every muscle in the body and improves flexibility, mobility and strength throughout. It is also a movement replicated in every day life without us even being aware…

Take control of your back health with this online seminar

Back pain is estimated to affect at least 60% to 80% of the population at some time in their lives, and around 2.5 million people in the UK have back pain every day of the year. It is the leading cause of disability with almost 31 million days of work lost in 2013 due to back, neck and muscle problems, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Back pain can be caused by various factors including twisting awkwardly, incorrect lifting techniques, or poor posture during daily activities.

However, back pain can be eased considerably with some simple lifestyle changes such as stretching, exercise and diet. In this video one of Elite Therapy’s senior therapists, Joel, will discuss in detail the leading factors that contribute to back pain as well as good back health and how this can be achieved and maintained whatever your age or level of fitness.

Whether you are currently receiving treatment, have had treatment in the past or have never needed treatment, this seminar aims to deliver information that will help you take control of your back pain.

Elite Therapy is a multidisciplinary sports therapy and physiotherapy clinic in Coventry. We treat a range of injuries both sporting and non-sporting as well as back, neck and musculoskeletal pain. Elite Therapy’s services include assessment and diagnosis, physiotherapy, sports therapy, massage therapy, taping and ultrasound. There is also an on-site rehabilitation gym and studio for the Pilates and yoga classes.

Postural Analysis vs. Movement Screening

A pure postural analysis, using a plumbline (ear above shoulder, shoulder above hip bone, hip bone above knee and finally knee above outer ankle bone), is used clinically to acknowledge muscle/joint imbalances and compensations. These imbalances generally occur to overcome the forces of gravity and have a strong relationship with…

Patellofemoral Dysfunction

What causes it? Generally speaking, patellofemoral dysfunction occurs under one of two broad circumstances; either when the patella is forced with excessive pressure against the underlying femur or when it is pulled excessively either laterally or medically against the groove. In either case, this would cause irritation and abrasion of…