The Team

Nicola Sherlock

Sports Rehabilitator and Director

Nicola is a highly qualified and experienced Sports Rehabilitator and Trainer, who has worked in both England and New Zealand. She is the Director and co-founder of Elite Therapy, and also holds the post of Lead therapist for Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Club and for the Great Britain Senior Men’s Ice Hockey Team. Her interest in physiology started at an early age, and she has always been intrigued by how the complex body works, adapts to exercise, and responds to injuries and stress.

Nicola’s passion for sports rehabilitation was sparked by her own experience of overcoming a knee injury that was initially thought to prevent her from playing competitive sports again. She researched the injury herself, underwent two operations, and six months of intensive rehabilitation, which ultimately allowed her to return to full fitness. This personal experience has driven her to help others in similar situations, and she believes that educating clients on how their injury occurred is essential to managing and avoiding the reoccurrence of the injury.

Nicola believes that a great number of injuries are caused through incorrect technique, whether it be a backhand shot in tennis or the positioning of a work station. Her treatment approach aims to correct these techniques whilst treating the injury and encouraging the client to take an active part in their own rehabilitation. She also works with the principle that every injury is unique, so the treatment plan will be tailored to each individual case. This personalised approach has earned her over 75 caps and allowed her to work at fourteen world championships and four Olympic Qualifiers.

Nicola’s further study has gained her a diploma in OsteoArticulation and Medical Acupuncture and is fully qualified and insured in the practice of Spinal Manipulation. Nicola also practises Sports and Deep Tissue Massage.