The Team

Linda Galvin

Pilates Instructor

Linda’s reasons for teaching Pilates were driven by personal circumstances after having major surgery. Working as a fitness instructor at the time, she wanted to find a way to help herself to recover and to get her quality of life back, after being told by the surgeon that she wouldn’t be able to return to her line of work. She enrolled on a Pilates course and started to rehabilitate herself using the Pilates method and exercises. It wasn’t long before she was back on her feet and within a relatively short time back to working out and within six months back at work. She attributes this to Pilates; she believes the techniques have greatly improved her strength as well has her flexibility and mobility and have given her the chance to continue in the career she loves.

Linda works with many people who have very different needs both young and old; whilst some use Pilates to shape and tone their bodies, many have back and neck problems or have suffered injuries as a result of accidents. Linda also has experience with working with athletes, helping to improve their core strength and stamina.

Linda believes that when applied correctly, the Pilates method is appropriate for everyone; starting at a beginner’s level then, working at your own pace, you can build confidence and strength and move up to advanced moves.